When pregnant, do you notice any changes in your breasts? Here's what you need to know

When pregnant, do you notice any changes in your breasts? Here's what you need to know

A lot of things happen to a woman’s body while making a baby, from a growing belly to hormonal changes in the body and others. But did you know? The body starts to prepare for bringing the baby into the stomach or world months before you may even realize that you are expecting. 

While it may take some time for your body to visibly indicate the changes like the cute baby bump and other Early Signs of Pregnancy in you, the body starts to take charge and develop it. As per the reports, your hormones start to change rapidly, and another major part of the body that goes through transformation is the breasts. Changes in breasts during the prenatal journey occur because the body is already preparing to make the feeding milk for the baby.

Are you already pregnant or are you hoping to be soon? Are you noticing changes in your breasts and wondering what is normal and what is not?  When signs of pregnancy like morning sickness occur changes in the breasts are common to be considered, and there are several other changes like tender breasts, sensitivity, and others that occur. A few ways in which breasts may change during pregnancy are: 

  1. Your breasts may get big

    During pregnancy, your belly is not only the one that expands but your breasts do grow big. The growth of breasts starts with the amount of fatty tissue and blood flow needed to make the milk ducts and mammary glands grow. Just into six weeks of pregnancy, you can easily find out that your breast has grown a full cup size or more.
  2. Easy visibility of the veins

    As the blood volume increases around 50% during pregnancy, you may notice more maps of veins snaking their way across your orbs. The veins are said to be more noticeable if you are fair in color because they are dilating to accommodate the increase in blood flow.
  3. Breasts tenderness

    Swollen and achy breasts are the first signs of pregnancy that occur and are related to the increase in hormones and blood flow to the breast tissue. As the levels of estrogen and progesterone are rising, it can also cause sore boobs and pain during the period of pregnancy.
  4. Changes in the nipples

    Along with other changes in the breasts in pregnancy, it is yet again common to notice changes in the nipples. They become larger, more prominent, darker, and even change shape sometimes. Due to the increase in pregnancy-related hormone levels, the nipples and the surrounding area become much darker and tend to change throughout the pregnancy and the time you start to breastfeed.
  5. Your breasts might leak

    Possibly in the second or the third trimester, you may notice a leakage or a discharge of a thin creamy, white, or yellow fluid from your nipples. The fluid is referred to as colostrum or pre-milk, a substance that you produce to feed your child in the days after birth before the milk comes in. The leakage of the concentrated fluid can simply dry and crust your nipples without any wetness. If you feel any sort of wetness or discomfort from the leakage, try to wear nursing pads often.

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Possible reasons for breast changes during pregnancy 

Whenever asked, what are the physical changes that a woman goes through during pregnancy? People often assume a woman’s expanding belly and a little or more weight. But in reality, the whole body of a woman goes through a radical transformation, and the breasts are no exception. 

Pregnancy is no exception. Everything has a major cause for its occurrence. There are several reasons why breasts change during pregnancy. 

  1. Hormonal changes 

  2. Weight gain 

  3. Swelling 

  4. Milk production 

  5. The rib cage expands

Bottom Line by New Concept Clinic 

Whether this is your first pregnancy or you have been through pregnancy before, every experience is different and your body is doing way more than just growing a baby. It helps prepare you and your body to hold and nourish the baby for an extended period. As it is the most exciting time of your life, take notes, follow the advice, and keep an open dialogue with your healthcare professional. As per the doctors and reports, some of these changes are temporary and might get well after some time, whereas others are long-lasting or permanent. Remember to consult Dr. Elsa, the Best Gynae in Dubai, if you experience any symptoms.