What Is That Pink Discharge Down There Telling You?

What Is That Pink Discharge Down There Telling You?

As normal or healthy discharge is clear or milky white in color, so noticing pink discharge or spotting in your pants is enough to get you worried and set your health alarm bells ringing. However, be rest assured that pink discharge is considered to be common and not a sign of major concern. 

Dr. Elsa de Menezes Fernandes, one of the Top Specialists in Obstetrics and Gynecology in Dubai, shares that pink discharge is not something you should immediately be worried about. Most likely, there are several other reasons as well that explain why your discharge could be taking a slightly different color tone.  

What is Pink Discharge? 

Pink discharge is non-period fluid or mucus that may occur at any point throughout the cycle. It is produced by the glands present inside your vagina and cervix to keep your vulva clean, moist, and protected from infection. In most cases, pink discharge is considered normal, but if it is accompanied by other symptoms like nausea, foul odor, abdominal pain, etc., then it can be a point of major concern. 

Reasons why you may see a pink vaginal discharge 

In general, pink vaginal discharge is caused by blood, but every time it might not be the reason because there are a number of other sources that contribute to pink vaginal discharge. For example,

  1. Beginning or end of the periods: The common cause of pink vaginal discharge can be the beginning or end of the menstrual cycle. The discharge can be a combination of menstrual blood and normal vaginal discharge.

  2. Hormonal imbalance: Pink vaginal discharge can also happen when a woman undergoes hormonal changes. It results in fluctuations in the level of estrogen that are not sufficient enough to keep the uterine lining stable, causing it to shed. The pink hue is the shedding getting mixed with normal vaginal discharge.

  3. Changes in contraceptives: Occurring due to changes in the dose of contraceptives like starting the intake of contraceptives or not taking the dose properly leads to pink discharge. It is common when the taken contraceptives have lower estrogen doses or have progesterone in them.

  4. Ovarian cysts: A liquid-filled sac forming inside or around the ovary along with other symptoms like pain, changes in the cycle, etc., is also considered a common cause of witnessing pink vaginal discharge.

  5. Menopause: Menopause can also be an underlying reason why a woman is experiencing pink discharge. It is said when a woman is in the transition period to menopause, the body experiences hormonal changes resulting in changes in the cycle, pink discharge, hot flashes, and others.

  6. Implantation: Even though not all women face implantation, the process of a fertilized egg embedding itself in the uterine lining can cause light bleeding of various shades, including pink vaginal discharge.

What to do and when to see a doctor?

No one knows your body in a better way than yourself. If you ever witness pink discharge down there, it is advised not to get panicked but instead understand what’s normal for your body and what’s not. Try to keep a check on your periods, health, changes in the color of the discharge, and other symptoms like pain, burning, itching, etc. If the discharge continues to appear along with other health-concerning symptoms, then see a doctor and explain all the recent activities and factors concerning the situation. By logging your discharge and symptoms, you can keep track of what is going on with your body and can easily explain it to healthcare professionals at New Concept Clinic, a Gynecology Clinic in Dubai offering gynaecology and obstetrics services.