Weeks 1–12 of your pregnancy: an overview of what to expect?

Weeks 1–12 of your pregnancy: an overview of what to expect?

When you find out you are pregnant, everything changes. You feel a rush of emotions, and, most importantly, you are bombarded with questions. Pregnancy is an emotional roller coaster that includes a slew of changes in physical, mental, and emotional feelings for both the mother and her child that are invisible to the outside world.

In general, the average pregnancy lasts for about 40 weeks, of which the first trimester is also known as the "earliest phase of pregnancy," starting on the first day of your last period. For every woman, pregnancy is different. Some women know and feel it from the beginning, while others do not realize they are pregnant until the end of the 13th week or are driven by early pregnancy symptoms.

What happens to your body?  

As per Dr. Elsa, one of the Best Obstetrics and Gynaecology Doctors in Dubai the changes in the body and hormones start to affect other functions and organs from the first trimester. Pregnant women in the first trimester get to experience symptoms like fatigue, nausea, mood swings, vomiting, tender breasts, headaches, weight gain or loss, the urge to urinate frequently, and more. 

Bleeding: In early pregnancy, slight bleeding during the first trimester is considered a sign that the fertilized embryo has implanted in the uterus. However, if you are experiencing heavy bleeding along with other symptoms such as cramps and sharp pain in your stomach, it is time to see a doctor.

Constipation: During pregnancy, due to high levels of progesterone hormones, the flow of food through the digestive system slows down, resulting in constipation. To get rid of it, increase fiber in your diet and drink a lot of fluids like water, juice, and more.

Discharge: A thin, milky white discharge in early pregnancy is a normal change to witness. But if the discharge is different in color, smells bad, or is occurring in large quantities, you need to call upon the Topmost Female Gynaecologist in Dubai.

Food likes and dislikes: Changes in taste, food likes and dislikes are one of the most common and experienced early pregnancy symptoms. In a shared experience women at one time want a bowl of mint chip ice cream with pickles, and at another moment may crave something else.

Week-by-week breakdown of what you can expect in your first trimester of pregnancy 

Weeks 1 and 2 

During the time period of weeks 1 and 2 your body starts to prepare itself by completing the last menstrual cycle and ovulation. 

Week 3

Week 3 of the first trimester of pregnancy is considered a big week because at this time the body releases the egg and conception takes place. Once conception happens, the first stage of fetal development starts. It includes the formation of the spinal cord and brain. 

Week 4

To the women who do not get to know about their pregnancy week, 4 turns out to have the big day as you get to know that your periods are missed. If you know about your pregnancy, you might also feel different symptoms due to your increasing hormones. 

Week 5

This is the time of the pregnancy when you might get your positive results and also involves the time for arranging your first prenatal appointment with the doctor offering the Best Pregnancy Check Up in Dubai. 

Week 6

Week 6 of the first trimester of pregnancy begins with the onset of various symptoms, such as morning sickness, breast soreness, headaches, increased tiredness, and others.

Week 7

In week 7 the baby is working hard to grow all its vital organs. The week includes the formation and development of their tiny arms.  

Week 8

From being an embryo to a fetus, one week includes the progress of the baby. The week also includes the development of recognizable facial features. 

Week 9

Week 9 is driven by the strong feelings and symptoms of morning sickness and fatigue in your body whereas your little one will be developing organs. 

Week 10

 In week 10, the two legs of your baby are developed and replaced by its tail. 

Week 11

 In week 11 of your pregnancy, your baby is almost 2 inches long, but you can not feel him or her but can surely experience them wiggling around. 

Week 12

Week 12 of your pregnancy is the closing signal of the first trimester. You can count and know, or else you will notice your early pregnancy symptoms easing up. 

A note from New Concept Clinic, a pregnancy care clinic in Dubai 

Overwhelmed with the information yet loaded with questions, pregnancy is an exciting and confusing time as a whole. In which the first trimester is the time when your body starts to grow and change rapidly along with your baby growing and developing too. To easily maintain your pregnancy and enjoy it as much as you can, it is advised to frequently visit your doctor or book an appointment at New Concept Clinic, a Women's Pregnancy Center in Dubai offering pregnancy care.