Postpartum Insomnia: An Unexpected Last Trimester Issue

Postpartum Insomnia: An Unexpected Last Trimester Issue

For a new mom, the scenario of "I am wide awake but everyone is sleeping" does not seem unusual until your baby is sleeping and you just can’t do it. This majorly happens to a woman in the postpartum period when it is difficult to fall asleep. In general, postpartum insomnia is characterized by the inability to fall asleep, stay asleep, and frequent nighttime awakenings. As per Dr. Elsa, the Top Female Gynaecologist or Obstetrics Specialist in Dubai postpartum insomnia affects around 30% of women for about the first few months postpartum and can go beyond the postpartum period. 

What causes postpartum insomnia? 

The time of bringing your newborn home is a beautiful experience but includes unexpected lifestyle changes that affect a woman in different ways. One such change is postpartum insomnia caused by various reasons: 

  1. Hormone changes

Post-birth is the time when your body is dealing with a handful of medical disorders and changes in hormones that are closely linked to causing postpartum insomnia. Even slight fluctuations in the levels of hormones can also result in wakeful nights.

  1. Anxiety

 Following childbirth, women may have postpartum blues, which can cause anxiety and despair in general. Postpartum blues include several feelings like being irritable, overwhelmed, inadequate, or extremely tired. All these emotions affecting at one time can result in postpartum insomnia or trouble sleeping.

  1. Body changes

 Different changes in the body, like breast tenderness, night sweats, swelling in the legs, and pain in any part of the body, can also cause postpartum insomnia

  1. Lack of nutrition

 Even when the delivery is done and you are in the stage of breastfeeding, you need to properly take your nutrients and maintain a proper diet, but in reality, women fail to do so. Lack of nutrition results in problems related to sleep.

  1. Extra care for baby

As your newborn requires care round the clock, some women find themselves so invested in it that they lack the other factors affecting them. Sometimes extra care for the baby and no care for yourself can lead to postpartum insomnia and other linked sleep problems. 

How can I improve it? 

Sleep is medically necessary for many reasons, but if you are unable to get the required amount of it, there are several ways to get it properly. All you have to do is follow the below-mentioned tips or get Postpartum Care at the Hospital in Dubai to improve your ability to sleep better. 

  1. Set your sleep schedule

A proper sleep pattern for a new parent is one of the most important things to do and follow. If you are suffering from postpartum insomnia, it is advised that you make a sleep schedule and get your sleep at the scheduled time.

  1. Mind your meals

 Try to manage your meals by getting plenty of healthy and hearty meals throughout the whole day. Consume vegetables, fruits, and other nutrients along with regular water intake for proper hydration. Avoid foods that contain caffeine or any item that reduces sleep.

  1. Go outside

Fresh air is a boon; it is advised to go outside for a walk to refresh yourself and the baby. Just try to walk in the sunshine because it helps signal your body's waking hours.

  1. Practice bedroom habits

Treat your sleeping space as a space that has no room for anything other than sleeping. Limit the usage of your bedroom for other activities and maintain a positive aura so that it can lead to an easy and good sleep cycle.

  1. Relax

Earlier than ever, put all your stress on hold and try to find time for relaxing. Taking less stress and relaxing helps calm your body and promotes mindfulness. Include relaxation activities like deep breathing, meditation, reading a book, and others before going to bed. 

When should you consult a doctor?

Just as your physical health matters, your mental health also does. If you are experiencing postpartum insomnia or difficulty in sleeping driven by anxiety, stress, and depression try to talk to one of the best Obstetrics and Gynecology Doctors in Dubai. If you notice the symptoms, try to find out the right cause and then move forward with the treatments available.  

You are not alone in this  

It is easy to feel all alone when your child and everyone else in your house are sleeping but you are wide awake. In this case, always remember the journey and the good experience you had with the child during pregnancy, and then relax. Later, try to find out the cause affecting you and take measures to set yourself up.