Health symptoms that suggest you may have PCOS but aren't aware of it

Health symptoms that suggest you may have PCOS but aren't aware of it

Have you missed your periods or have you lost track of the last day you had your periods and now your skin is breaking out just like it used to happen in your teenage years? What do you think it is linked to or what is it all about? You would probably answer it due to stress. But in reality, not every time stress is to be blamed, It can be something more serious that is going on with your body, causing a series of discomfort in the body. 

For the human body, hormones are a necessary evil that are super important. It helps in coordinating big and small processes and is prone to misbehaving. Problems related to changes in hormones and others can range from different problems like hair growth, risk of type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and the most common type of hormonal issue, PCOS. 

PCOS is a reproductive problem that affects around 8 to 20 percent of women in the world. It is considered a major hormonal condition that is majorly characterized by the overproduction of androgens (male hormones), irregular periods, cysts in the ovaries, and others. 

As per doctors and Dr Elsa, a Good Gynaecologist in Dubai, millions of women are diagnosed with PCOS but are said to be unaware of the fact due to its easy-to-miss symptoms. To shed some light and share what can help you diagnose or analyze your condition today, in this article we will talk about the most common but not so obvious symptoms of this hormonal disorder.  

  • You are struggling with acne

Acne as a teen is considered normal, but acne in adulthood is considered a common sign of being diagnosed with PCOS. In the same way, an influx of hormones during puberty causes acne, and a face full of pimples post-puberty is caused by testosterone, the primary male hormone.

  • Your periods are all over the place

For women, their menstrual cycle is a vital sign that informs whether the metabolism is in a good state or not. If you are experiencing major changes in your menstrual cycle like unpredictable menstrual cycles, skipping periods, heavy flow during the periods, and others, consider them as a raised red flag and seek a doctor’s attention. 

  • Issues with extra weight 

As PCOS tends to affect women who are obese, a major problem or a symptom to look after is weight gain. It is said that women with PCOS often can’t lose weight easily and have a higher chance of insulin resistance. If you are experiencing unexplained and persistent weight gain, there are chances that you may have PCOS. 

  • Growing hair in unexpected places 

When you are suffering from PCOS, the ovaries produce an excessive amount of male hormones known as androgens, which results in an odd situation of hair growth. The growth is not expected to happen in your head. Instead, the growth comes in unexpected places like male-prone areas like the face, chest, back, and others. 

  • You can not get pregnant

By all means, if you are affected by PCOS, it can be a reason why you are struggling to get pregnant. PCOS is considered one of the most common causes of infertility and is solely responsible for 70 percent of infertility problems in women. 

There are several medical conditions that mark their presence by triggering warning signs and symptoms in the same way. PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) is no different. It disrupts a woman's body along with the menstrual cycle, ability to conceive, and others, but there is no need to fret. If you have noticed the above-mentioned or any similar symptoms like missed periods, adult acne, difficulty losing weight, etc., it is advised to meet a doctor. We at New Concept Clinic, one of the Best Gynaecology Clinics in Dubai, offer women's healthcare services.